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Arizona School of Real Estate & Business Offers New Seminar “50 Ways to Lose a Listing – as in SOLD”

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The inventory of homes for sale in Phoenix is up over a 100% over last year, which is causing agents to seek new and creative ways to bring buyers into their listings. In response to the current need to attract more buyers, the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business is offering for the seminar titled “50 Ways to Lose a Listing – as in SOLD.” Top agents from Arizona will take the stage to share their strategies and secrets that they have found effective in securing buyers to purchase their listings.

The seminar will feature nine well-known Arizona real estate professionals who will offer advice to real estate agents, current home sellers and people who may have a home to sell in the near future. The featured speakers are Joann and Joseph Callaway, P.R. “Randy” Cooney, Judy Houston, Russell Shaw, John Wake, Mark Hutchins, Linda Rehwalt and Brian North.

“We receive on-going interest from the real estate community about new methods to get a sold sign,” said Randy Cooney, publisher and instructor at the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business. “As a result, we decided to hold a seminar to help home sellers and their agents learn about alternative listing, advertising and pricing strategies that will encourage buyers to view their homes.”

“There is really only one way to put your clients first and many more than 50 ways to put a client last. We are back to a stable market and if your license is less than 10 years old, you have no idea what this market looks like,” says Joseph Callaway, speaker and author. “It is filled with opportunity. We look forward to sharing our experiences at 50 Ways to Lose a Listing seminar.”

Mark Hutchins Owner and Realtor at MyHomeGroup adds, “Real Estate doesn’t have to be so plain. Grabbing the attention of the consumer in a positive way can help agents stand out. We use this approach and love to see our clients come away with some laughter and a smile in the end.”

For more information or to register visit https://staging.asreb.com or call 480-946-5388. For real estate licensees this is a 3-hr state certified accredited renewal course.

About Arizona School of Real Estate & Business

The Arizona School of Real Estate & Business, part of the Hondros family of companies, has offered quality education for pre-license and continuing education students since 1969. The school is the oldest and largest of its kind enjoying both local and national recognition as an industry leader. Classroom courses are offered in Scottsdale, Gilbert, Prescott and soon in Northwest Phoenix, as well as on-line renewal courses tailored for Arizona. The school has trained more real estate licensees than any other school in Arizona. It offers a variety of unique programs, seminars and career events that help launch a new career or enhance an existing one. For more information, visit https://staging.asreb.com.

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