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September Instructor Highlight of the Month – Stephen Thompson

Instructor Highlight of the Month

Stephen Thompson was born and raised in Arizona. He was educated at Arizona State University and holds undergraduate degrees in American History and Real Estate. He also holds advanced degrees in Construction Management, MBA and a Masters in Real Estate Development.

During school, Stephen worked for the family business of residential rentals. He helped to oversee the renovation and sale of a 14-unit and a 58-unit complex. He has been involved in the management of residential rentals for over ten years.

After graduating, Stephen worked for several different real estate investment trusts (REITs) that bought, renovated, and rented single-family homes all over the country. One of his duties was to work with the acquisitions team and determine what properties should be purchased then assessed renovation costs to maximize rent and return on investment.

Since 2015 Stephen has been involved with multi-family sales and development. He currently holds his broker’s license with the brokerage REI Marketing (REIM). REIM is an innovative real estate marketing company that offers distinctive real estate services to developers and multifamily investors.

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