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Greater Phoenix Residential Market

Property Management Residential issues

Fletcher Wilcox V.P.  Business Development and Real Estate Analyst Grand Canyon Title Agency fwilcox@gcta.com Founder TheWilcoxReport.com   Big Monthly Purchase Price Gains Come to A Halt. Purchase Price Goes Flat… Read more

How much money should I budget for the maintenance of my rental house?

Property Management Residential issues

Steve Schultz President and Designated Broker Blue Fox Properties   This is a common question I receive. I am often asked this question by new clients that have just become… Read more

Laying Down the Law – What You Need To Know About Timeshare Right To Cancel and Foreclosure Laws

Laying Down the Law, Property Management Residential issues

Written by Columnist: Christopher J. Charles, Esq.   According to a September 2020 report by the American Resort Development Association, Arizona is home to 48 timeshare resorts representing 4,811 units…. Read more

Is Business Brokerage the Same as Commercial Sales? NO!

Property Management Residential issues

Lisa A. Suarez EMS Realty, Inc. 520-544-2727 lisa-ems@msn.com   As we all know, Article 11 from the Code of Ethics states that we will provide services to clients and customers… Read more

Full Disclosure: How to force fraudulent sellers to pay punitive damages

Property Management Residential issues

Written by Columnist: Samuel Doncaster   When non-disclosure cases go to trial, the buyer is often entitled to more than simply being made whole.  He’s entitled to punitive damages, if… Read more

The One Thing Highly Successful Agents Do Better Than Anything Else

Property Management Residential issues

Eden Sunshine Vice President Realty Executives   As I wrapped up a business development and training event for a group of real estate agents, I asked an important question. “By… Read more

The Homeowner-Property Manager Relationship

Property Management Residential issues

By: Troy Smith Accountant & Leasing Agent Green Valley Rental Properties LLC   Many new homeowners or just those new to the rental industry often believe that once their property… Read more

The Impact of the Moratorium on Arizona’s Rental Industry

Property Management Residential issues

Denise Holliday, ESQ. Hull, Holliday & Holliday PLC   From March 2020 through August 26, 2021, Arizona’s rental industry has been subject to an eviction moratorium of some kind.  Through… Read more

5 Tips to Navigate the Property Management Field

Property Management Residential issues

Sarah Kirsch Richardson Founder and CEO Tru Realty While the landscape of property management has changed over the past several years, many of the basics still apply if you’re looking… Read more

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