This article is based on an excerpt from a recent book written by two of Arizona’s most known and respected real estate agents, Joann & Joseph Callaway. They are the authors of a best-selling publication titled Clients First.

Joann and Joseph’s newly released publication, SUPER AGENT – Real Estate Success at the highest level,”is certainly worth a read. As I was reading through the pages, I discovered  SUPER AGENT to be an incredible book I would highly recommend for any agent at any stage in their career.

I especially found Chapter Two to be beneficial and important to our role as professionals in the real estate industry. The following are some key points from Chapter Two entitled “The Five Super Powers of a Super Agent.”

The First Super Power is the Power to Put Your Client First
• The three keys are: honesty, competence and care.
• You must hold all three keys whole and complete, partial keys do not count.
• Make the commitment, speak the commitment and keep the commitment.

The Second Super Power is the Power to Communicate
• Understand the basic human need for information.
• Never forget that clients don’t understand the complexities.
• JoAnn’s rules: return all calls before you go home and do the tough ones first.
• Joseph’s definition: communication is confirmation of the receipt of the information.

The Third Super Power is the Power to Motivate  
• Sales is the ability to motivate.
• Motivate yourself by focusing on your client’s motivations.
• Motivate others by asking questions and listening for the answer.
(The first three Super Powers are an agent’s offense and the last two are an agent’s defense)

The Fourth Super Power is the Power of Professionalism
• Be proud of your profession.
• Follow the rules.
• Protect all parties.

The Fifth Super Power is the Power of Accountability
• Treat your practice as a business.
• Be willing to invest in your business.
• Guard against overspending.

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This commentary written by P.R. “Randy” Cooney – Publisher of The Journal of Real Estate & Business.